WELCOME English Language Learners!

June 11, 2018

Learn with Lloyd!  As you know, mastering English language isn’t easy.  After all, it’s the world’s biggest language — the result of a collision between two language families (the Latin of Old French, and the Germanic of Old English) nearly a thousand years ago, with countless contributions and influences from other cultures ever since.

Explore Learn with Lloyd! for a few tips on improving your English skills.  Check out my previous posts, and if you’re interested in private coaching/instruction, please contact me directly (see my “About Lloyd” page — link at top right of this page).

Enjoy learning!

~ Lloyd ~


2 Responses to “WELCOME English Language Learners!”

  1. Manette Barlow Says:

    I really like your material about preposition combinations with adjectives and verbs. I have never come across explanations as clear as yours for the use of these very difficult-to-master forms. Would it be all right for me to post the information on my class website for my students?

    • Thanks for your comment, Manette! YES — in fact, I’d be happy to send you my *updated* version of this material: please email me directly by visiting my BESTWORDCOACH.com site, and I’ll reply with the revised version.

      ~ Lloyd ~

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