Lloyd W. Bishop

Hi, I’m Lloyd Bishop.  I’m a teacher and coach specializing in English as a Second Language (ESL).  I offer customized coaching & consulting to international executives, professionals, immigrants & students.  

I invite you to visit my website for more information about my writing & speaking support services:


Please contact me if you’re interested in onsite coaching/instruction, and I’ll be happy to work with you in New York City … or remotely, if you prefer.

In the meantime, I wish you a fulfilling English-language-learning journey!

~ Lloyd ~

Lloyd Bishop’s LinkedIn Profile


8 Responses to “About Lloyd”

  1. Larry Says:

    You have some great stuff on here Lloyd. I have learned a number of things already plus you have some good tools. I am an ESL teacher in Memphis. Thanks for your site.

    • Thanks for your supportive comment, Larry. Let me know if you’re looking for material on a particular topic — I may have something that I can either share immediately or develop into a blog post.

      ~ LLOYD

  2. Jackie Says:

    Hi, I’m English’s student. Some years ago, you gave a good tools about prepositions. I couldn’t find it. I want to have this information. Could you help me, please.
    The title is: Mastering Preposition Combinations
    Thank you

  3. michael putnam Says:

    I went to grade school with you!! We were in Mrs. Roback’s 3rd grade class. She gave a star on a chart for every book read, along with book report…we had quite a battle. I see all that reading paid off!! We were both friends with Fred Friedman too I believe. Hope all is well!! You look the same except for the golden locks.

    • Hey Mike — I remember YOU very well & I’m glad to hear from you! Thanks for sharing the memory of the *stars* Mrs. Roback awarded us for reading — she was a fun teacher. I was new in town, so that classroom was where I first got to know peers in B’burg. Fred & I still keep in touch; in fact, I saw him last fall when he visited NYC, where I live. Let me know if you’re ever planning to be in NYC!

  4. Jinghao Xu Says:

    Lloyd is a very supportive Language educator and coach. Hhaha, I come here to leave a message to his blog. So committed and professional in language writing coaching work he is!

    • Your comment means a lot to me, Jinghao — especially since you are becoming an English-language educator yourself … and I know you’ll be *excellent* in that role. I’m glad to be participating in this stage of your journey!

      ~ Lloyd ~

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